Thursday, September 20, 2012

Washi Workshop - Anna- Maria

Hi everybody, it's Anna-Maria here with a simple step-by-step tutorial with washi tapes!
In the coming weeks I will travel with my friends to Barcelona to teach the classes and spend some time in this beautiful city. It won't be my first time there, but I love collectiong my travel memories in mini-albums. So this time I will prepare for this trip. Before I leave Poland I will make a mini travel journal and I am going to complete it when I will be in BCN.

I found an old mini book (a kind of Polish-Italian phare book) and I decided to upcycling it into my album.
I would like to show you how I prepared my title page of my travel-journal using washi tapes.

What I used to create this page:
different kind of washi (of course!)
little printed map of Spain
wood veneers
gesso, watercolour paint, pencil

First I carefully cut 'Spain' from the printed cardstock - this is how I've made a kind of 'Spain' stencil.

Secondly I accentuate the edges of the outline on the front page. Next I cut out the 'Spain' and I covered the whole page by gesso (you can also use some white acrylic paint).

When it dried I rolled the sheet, glued a simple white cardstock and and some 
stripes of different kinds of washi tapes.

I glued both pages together and in the end I add some watercolour paint (I indicated places where is the sea on the map), simple doodling drawing and wood veneers.

This is very simple and I find it attractive as a front page of my travel mini :) I hope I will show you more when I come back in October.


  1. This is beautiful, Anna-Maria! Thanks for sharing!

  2. fantastic tutorial and great idea!!!

  3. To niezły pomysł, ale ..... Barcelona nie jest Hiszpania! niepodległość Katalonii! Ja naprawdę chciałem cię zobaczyć i pracować z wami. Do zobaczenia w Barcelonie!pocałunek

  4. Cool idea with the shape of a country. Will definitely try this in a travel minialbum. :)

  5. Super love this! I'm so gunna try now!

  6. That is a great idea! thanks for that!



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