Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FF washi is in the HOUSE!

Let me just preface this whole post by saying
i. am. so. flippin. excited.
the end.

Freckled Fawn's first line of washi tape has officially arrived.
They are beautiful and addicting and ever-so much fun.

These lovely tapes would not exist without Lili Niclass.
She is the sweetest person ever and an insanely talented designer.
She's the designer of the Clementine edition of Project Life AND PL's two baby lines.
hello, amazing??!! yes, she's amazing.
Her style is so clean and fresh and as beautiful as she is.
I am 500% grateful for her patience and her vision.
I am also grateful for her supporting small businesses like Freckled Fawn.

The other person who played a part in all this was Shanna Nalywaiko.
We traded countess emails and had long nighttime chats as we prepared (and continue to prepare)
these tapes and other products to come.
She's got such a grasp on the industry.
She knows what people like and she's got killer style.
She's patient and focused and simply perfect!!
I'm basically in love with her ;)

So come on everyone
standing ovation for Shanna and Lili.
I adore them and I'm grateful they came into my life and are willing to work with me
despite my spastic business tactics.

Now onto the nitty gritty.
When can you pile these tapes into your virtual shopping carts?
Oh be still my beating heart...
Friday September 21 (let's shoot for afternoonish??) these little lovelies and quite a few others
will be listed for sale in the shop and you can all go shopping-cart crazy
in the privacy of your own home, no less!
ah, the wonders of online shopping.

Well now. We've got to get hopping and get everything ready for the update!!

xoxo, Doe.


  1. Love these tapes!! I must have them! Great job FF!

  2. i am in LOVE i NEED them all. so excited for you guys :)

  3. Cannot wait to get my hands on these new beauties!

  4. omg!!!!!i can't wait!!!!! i would like the wood grain in every color!

  5. PERFECT! My birthday is tomorrow, so I will definitely be scoopin up these goodies as a present to myself, LOVE them, they look amazing!

  6. Dear FF~

    First and foremeost I have to say your enthusiasm is a beautiful thing. I really get excited when I look in my inbox and see "I am Doe". You are always so happy, positive, excited, and simply it really makes my day! I certainly do all I can to support small business's like yours:) AND I had NO idea the same gal designed the Clementine Addition for Project Life. I HAVE THAT , AND I LOVE IT. My fave so far for sure! Congrats on your newest and yummiest additions. AND will pass along to my scrapping buddies!!!

    1. This comment just made my day. Thank you ever so much for your kind words!

  7. More washi to order..coming right up. Lol

  8. So cute..LOVE them!

  9. No kidding a feel for style. All three are fantabulous in their own right. Together - knock out.

  10. I adore these tapes...especially that gorgeous woodgrain!



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