Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Morning! Morning!

I haven't been around a lot
Things have been busy, busy here at FF.
Shanna and my insanely talented design team have been keeping the blog busy though :)

We are having a huge, HUGE shop update this week. 
We're waiting on one last shipment that was supposed to come in yesterday
but its stuck in customs :(
So we may be delaying the update until the 22, maybe?
I'll keep you updated.

Here's a sneak at some new styles coming in:

I adore the bottom one. The blue is so, so pretty.

xoxo, Doe.


  1. Love them, but I have to use the ones I have before I can order more!!

  2. Oh debbyj no you don't just get more! I love the green and white roll.

  3. love them!
    will there be a september ohdeerme kit? not sure if i missed something. :(



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