Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Melissa's Washi Workshop...

Today's washi workshop is so very simple.  I think that is most likely the number one reason why I love washi so much...it's so easy to work with and so many simple things can be done with it to create unique projects.  I'm showing washi tape layered over die cut leaves cut from felt and cardboard and then machine stitched to create a fun, puffy, homespun feel...simple, eh?

Step 1:
Die cut leaves or any shape from felt, fabric, patterned paper, chipboard etc.  Arrange them over your desired surface area.

Step 2:
Secure your die cuts by using a small strip of coordinating washi tape...no glue required!

Here's another example showing steps 1 and 2 but using cardboard and felt layered together this time.  The bulkier, the better :)

Securing the layers together with my favorite Picnic Plaid washi...

Step 3:
My most favorite step...run each grouping through your sewing machine to secure all of the layers together.  Super cute, puffy, and full results.

Step 4:
Embellish with buttons, gems, adhesive pearls, etc.

Easy as pie and certainly lots of fun and something I will try again!

Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Oh boy I need to get my sewing machine set up asap. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm thinking the same thing! Thought I could get away with a hand held machine, but not for bulky items.

  3. This so awesome! I'm going to try this on something right away! Thanks for sharing with us Melissa :)



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