Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Washi Workshop with Brandy

Hi Friends, 

Bran here with a simple washi workshop for you. I call it the "Great Glass Jar Cover-up". Ever found you have a ton of things lying around the house that are used up or needing to be recycled into a new life? I do, I am a candle person, might have something to do with my dad making candles for his business :). I always have jars waiting for new candles and I also needed to decorate my house for fall. Then I thought why not use washi tape to decorate my jars and create lovely luminaries for fall. Hence the "Great Glass Jar Cover-up"! The options are endless...(Have you seen all the amazing tape in the shop?!?)...and versatile for any season or reason.

You will need:
washi tape variety
Glass Jars 
glass votive or candle holders

It really is simple; just wrap the tape around the jar in any order you please. I loved the birds on a wire tape as it made me think of crows and the new grid tape options that resemble fall.
I have a ton of glass votive holders around the house too...so I put some of them to use.

The Larger jar is a recycled Yankee Candle jar that I got as an early birthday present and now has about 4 hours of burning time left (Sniff). I love these jars and always find ways to reuse them. I used the large woodgrain tape from the shop along with other favorites.

Pleased with how they looked lit in the dark...led to other assortments of washi like the new red woodgrain washi with little hearts....you need this ;)

That rounds up our workshop and we have used our lovely washi stash, re-cylced, and created lovely luminaries! I would say we just did several great things right there :)

Have a great Day!


  1. Awesome project!!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Jealous - my candles never burn as cleanly as your Yankee Candle did...but, off to find some jars!

  2. That is so cool! That bird on a wire tape is a must have now!
    Hugs and smiles



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