Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Washi Workshop by Shanna

Hiya! Me again! :) With our new team we have decided to let each person share their talents with you in a special post a couple times of month. Washi workshops may be a tutorial, or a video, a step by step project, or really anything our creative team thinks up!

For my washi workshops I will be sharing ways to use washi in your home.

Before I even start I want to apologize, this is a difficult wall to take pictures of, its narrow and at the end of the hallway...so you have to stand on either side of it to see it, I wasn't able to get a picture of the whole wall. These pictures are also taken with my iphone, although I love it.. low light isn't always it's friend!!! :)

This month I wanted to share a project I recently worked on in my own home! We had this wall at the end of our hallway dedicated to Disney memories. I wanted to update it, what better way than with chalkboard paint and washi tape? My wonderful father in law smooth walled this for me to give me a great base. After it was painted with chalkboard paint, the HUGE thing you need to remember is to rub the whole wall down with the side of chalk, then wipe it away. This will give it that worn chalkboard look, instead of a DIY project gone bad!  :)

Once you have your base down, the FUN begins! But please make sure to do your base correctly, as that will make for a much better end result! I wanted to create a wall full of fun and unique frames. What is fun about this project is that you can really customize it for whatever you want!

Instead of focusing on the size of the pictures, I wanted the frames to be fun and over sized. I just started creating and filled in the space as I saw fit. Then I added our pictures with bright and colorful Freckle Fawn Washi Tape!!

From there I filled in the empty space with dates, quotes and memories! 

I love that the washi tape allows this wall to change whenever we need it to! Also the washi tape easily removes from the photos without damaging them! 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my home. How are you using washi in your home?



  1. I love this! I let my kids hang there artwork from school around the house using washi. They love it and it comes off the wall so easily and without any damage! I'm thinking I'll have to paint a chalkboard wall in my craft room now that I've seen this great post! TFS!

  2. We just painted our kitchen in chalkboard paint, this is the best idea ever!! So excited to go home and draw frames and use my washi tape :)

  3. I use washi for anything I can :-) but most importantly I wanted to say.....your wall is FABULOUS!

  4. This is awesome Shanna. Lucy uses her washi tape for hanging things on her walls, i love that it leaves no holes LOL

  5. How fun ! Now I gotta find a wall in my house to paint with chalkboard spray paint ^_^



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