Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tutorial Friday By KRISTINA

I’ve been super busy lately, but have really been wanting to do a bit of creating. I thought it would be fun, super easy and not too time consuming to create a mini album from a few vanilla office tags that I had lying around, so here’s what I did.

First I gathered some supplies. You definitely need some tags (you an use whatever size you’d like) and I also used some twine, a bone folder, a stapler, some adhesive, Freckled Fawn goodies (of course!!) from the October and November OHDEERME kits and a date stamp, ink and pen, too!

The first thing I did was print out some 1x1 photos to use in my mini album. I just resized these and placed them on a 4x6 file and printed them at home. You could definitely use larger photos if your tags are bigger. :)

Next I took a bone folder and folded down the very top part of the tag.

Then once all of the tags were done like that, I took my stapler and put a staple in the middle of the tags to hold them together and then I could flip the bottom portion of the tags like a book. You may have to flip your tags over and do a staple from the back, too depending on how many tags you have included in your mini album.

Here’s what they all look liked stacked up.

As you can see – you can easily flip through the mini album.

Next I just started adding my mini photos and embellishments to the mini album and included a smidge of journaling, too!

I used a stamp from the November kit to stamp this super cute camera on the back and then to say that “Mama” had taken the photos. ;)
xoxo Kristina

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