Friday, April 25, 2014

Tutorial Friday By CANDI

I have a birthday coming up for a dear friend and thought it would be fun to create a Birthday Card in a Jar! 
First off you need to gather a few supplies...
Mason Jar, Twine, Patterned Paper, White Cardstock, Balloons, Birthday Candles, Alpha Stamps, Adhesive, Circle Punches (1 and 2 inch), Ink and Misc. Embellishments...
Using the 2 inch circle punch, punch out enough circles (using the patterned paper) for your greeting and then punch out a tiny hole at the top of each circle to thread your twine through.  Using the 1 inch circle punch, punch out the same amount of circles using the white cardstock.  
Stamp out each letter onto the white circles and adhere to each patterned circle.
Cut a very long piece of twine and secure the beginning of it to the back of the mason jar lid with a couple pieces of tape.  Start at the beginning of your greeting and add the first circle...tie it in place.  Keep adding each circle, one by one, until finished.
In between "Happy" and "Birthday" I tied a balloon.
 At the very end, I signed a circle and added a birthday candle...
Time to start assembling your jar...add some balloons to the bottom of your mason jar.  At this point, you could also add a gift card!
Hold your your lid up in the air and begin to slowly lower the end of the twine (where the candle is tied) into the jar until you are able to close and tighten up the mason jar lid.
Adhere some patterned paper to the top of lid and add some fun embellishments. 
At this point you can add a tag with some tulle and tie it around the lid!    
There you have it...a FUN and creative birthday card that your friend will never forget! 
Now go grab yourself a mason jar, some cute supplies and create a birthday a jar!

Happy Friday Tutorial :) - Candi



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