Monday, March 10, 2014

Desktop Monday By ADRIENNE

This is the area behind my craft table that I use for most of my storage.  I try very hard to keep this area clean and organized because my craft table is usually a total disaster and I need to have at least one spot clutter free.
I use this storage shelf to house most of my washi tape, wood veneers, and small embellishments.  I also like to keep a few motivating words up on the wall next to this shelf as well. 
I use a three-tiered wire basket to hold even more of my washi stash.  It's easy to move around if I need more space and holds quite a bit of tape.

 I keep my OHDEERME kits in their original containers because they're so easy to stack and store.  After I've used up most of a kit's contents I transfer what's left over to another location.
 I store smaller embellishments that come in larger quantities in spice jars like these.  I like that I can see the contents of what's inside and that helps me save time when I'm gathering supplies for my projects.
 I keep my larger washi tape rolls on the top dowel rod and smaller ones on the bottom.  I like how handy it is to have them in clear view and I can just rip off an amount I need quickly and easily.

 I hope you enjoyed this little peak of my space!  Have a great day!
 xo - Adrienne


  1. Awesome storage!! Love it all!!

  2. Bright and happy space! Looks like a candy shop :)

  3. Love all the bright colors! I have yet to find a 3 tier stand for mine!

  4. where does the 3 tiered stand come from? And how much is it?

  5. Awesome space!

    You can check mine on :D

    loved your blog.
    Larissa Caldieri

  6. Where can I purchase this storage unit?



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