Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Washi Workshop with Natt

Hello everyone !

Natt Smith is here with you to share a fun home decor project that you can do to make your house look brighter in this gloomy winter.

If you have been to Denver, CO you'd know that how dry it is here.
I can actually feel it as soon as I got out of the plane from Seattle on our trip back.
It even get worst in winter.
My skin, my throat, nose feel dehydrated.
As I remember since I was a young girl my mom keep telling me that you can only be young once so keep it with you as long as you can.

If you had pay attention to biology class you knew that how important water is to your body.
And also if you read some research from beauty guru out there you'd know that dry skin tend to make age wrinkles come visit you early.Oh no ! We don't want that to happen to our pretty face, right ?

So in order for me look young, I drink a lot of water and water that I think it taste good to me are Voss and Avian they are so refreshing !

Ok now what do I usually do with all the empty bottles ?

I've been throwing them away in the trash can,sad isn't it ?
But last week while I was drinking my magic water.
I thought to myself " Hmmm I should do something with this bottle "

So I grabbed these lovely washi tape and a little bit of sequins.

Then start to wrapping them on my water bottle.
Added die cut paper. 
Added sequins.

It turns out like this !

I filled my bottle with water then dropped 6-7 drop of blue food coloring color.

Use chopstick to stir it up.

And that's it !

I got a fun and recycle vase for my house.

Let's take a closer look.

Thank you so much for joining me today on my washi tape work shop.
Til next time.

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