Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Washi Workshop with Adrienne

Hi, everyone!  It's Adrienne here with a festive Washi Workshop for you today!  

I was sitting in my craft room a few weeks ago looking through some supplies when I found a huge stash of binder rings that I normally use for my mini albums.  I immediately thought of using them to make festive washi wreaths for the holidays!  These wreaths are super easy to assemble and can be used for more than just ornaments.

Here's what you'll need:

Washi Tape (of course!)  Make sure to add a few wide washi styles as well!  

You'll also need medium or large size binder rings (mine were about 1 3/4 inches wide), about 16 inches of baker's twine or ribbon, scissors, glue dots, and 5 inch doilies from Freckled Fawn.

After you round up your supplies, your ready to get started!

*I used about 4 inch long washi strips...you can always trim them down as you add your layers if needed.

*I used about 7 inches of wide washi strips and then folded them in half before adhering them to the back of the wreath with glue dots.  This also makes it easier to see where you need to add extra strips.

*I used my circle cutter to cut out the doily's center, but you could also trace a circle and cut it out with scissors.  

*I added a bit of bling to this wreath...feel free to dress up your wreath any way you wish!

Whether you like traditional or trendy seasonal colors, Freckled Fawn has TONS of beautiful washi tape to help coordinate with your holiday decor!

These wreaths would look beautiful hanging on the tree or attached to a pretty package!  You could also dress up your mantle or place in an open frame for a trendier look.  Have fun and I hope you enjoyed my little Washi Wreath Tutorial!  Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

xoxo - Adrienne


  1. So very pretty. Thanks for sharing

  2. oh my goodness, this is so cute. i'm totally going to make some ornaments with this tutorial!

  3. Very cute and easy idea! You could leave the
    doily whole and add something in the very
    center. Thanks for the idea.

    Carla from Utah

  4. Wow - they are sooooooooooooooo cool!!! Im going to try making them!!



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