Thursday, November 8, 2012

Washi Workshop with Shanna

Hi there friends! So this is going to be a different type of washi workshop today as I have December Daily on the mind! Are you thinking about doing a December Daily, or similar project? I am super excited to start mine and I have started gathering ideas on how I might go about it this year. I do best if most of the work is done before December first, so then all I really need to do is take pictures and jot down the details. This year December is a HUGE year for us! My husband is coming home from a year long deployment and my brother in law is getting married. Even though its going to be busy, I think its very important to document such a memorable month in our life! So if I have any hope of getting this done I need to pre-plan! Even though I bought the Studio Calico December Daily kit, I still wanted to plan out exactly how I was going to go about doing all this! So when my kit arrives I can make the base pages and be ready to go!

I am wanting to use a matchbox style page (I found a cut I need to customize on the cameo software) for each day, as you open it there will be a spot for a picture attached with washi tape and a pocket to tuck all the goodies I come across in. I also want to include notes from the girls in there as well. 

For the cover I want to create a very graphic logo for each day of the month. I don't know exactly how I will create this yet but I love these from Shalin Studio. (so cute, right?!)

As I have mentioned before that I adore using washi tape in my mini's!!! I wanted to link you up to some I plan on using in my December Daily! 

I am sorry but I am 100% in love with these reindeer!

Wide Gold Airmail, enough said! :) 

Red Polka Dots! Hello, I love you!

Another thing I find super important to complete my December Daily is a small home photo printer. There are so many amazing ones out there. I happen to like the Canon Selphy, I LOVE the size (I even travel with it!) I love that the paper and ink are sold together but mostly I love that I can print JUST the photo I need in the moment I need it!

So what are you doing to prepare for your December crafts? If it's the December Daily, card making, present wrapping.... I would love to hear all about it! I hope we have inspired you today to get yourself in gear to create everything you desire for the season! 

Talk to you soon!

Some of the graphics use to create the December Daily Game Plan 
are from Karah Fredricks and Emily Merritt, two AMAZING designers 
you should check out if you have not done so already!


  1. I haven't started December yet-still trying to get November caught up!!!

  2. ooh, that gold airmail is lovely. and i love your little graphic.



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