Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A mini album

Hello ladies, it is Caz here to share my project this month and i kind of have a few pictures to share, sorry(not really). I actually made this months ago and have yet to share it and i thought here was the perfect place to do so :)  I was in LA this May and Amy Tangerine held a class just for me, and others that could make it of course but i like to think i am special ha ha. I have to say it was AMAZING, there was even a washi bar there, how cool is that especially as i am addicted to the stuff. One of things we made was this mini album,which i then filled when i got home. I used lots of washi tapes to finish the project off, it is so great for filling in spaces and adding a perfect touch of colour, no need to do anything fancy, just add it :)


I love this last page, Lucy and Gary were dropping me off at the class and she was worried i may miss her so she gave me this to look at while i was there, such a sweet girl

So there it is my AT mini and i LOVE it, such a simple mini but a fabulous keepsake for a special day

Until next time
Caz xox


  1. This is absolutely adorable! I like it a lot.

    <3 Melissa

  2. Super cute mini! Thank you for sharing.



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