Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Washi Workshop with Adrienne

Hello, friends!  I'm here today with a tutorial on how to dress up that old iPhone case!

If you're like me, then you probably have a few old iPhone cases taking up space in a drawer somewhere.  Most are too expensive to just throw away, so I figured why not revamp those old cases using some WASHI TAPE!

Here's what you'll need:

X-ACTO or craft knife
self-healing or glass mat
washi tape
old phone case (I have an iPhone 4s, but any flat case for any type of phone would work :)

Alright, this is super easy and really quite fun, so let's do it!

Step 1:  Grab some washi tape!  I chose the wide style because it covered up my original case a bit better then the narrower tapes.  When choosing your tapes, be aware of your case color or design and how much of it you want to show through.  

Step 2:  Cover your case with washi tape.  I started at the top of my case and worked my way down, overlapping each strip just a little bit.  The graph washi worked great because it was easy to line up each strip!  

After I placed each strip of washi on the back of the case, I turned it over and cut the extra washi with my craft knife.  You'll want to take your time doing this and make sure you leave a little extra washi to cover the sides of the case.

I left the rounded corners on my case exposed because it was easier to fold the washi tape over the sides of the case without having to worry about the corners.  I also cut out the camera hole using my craft knife. 

Here's what it should look like at this point...

Step 3:  Notch a strip in the washi tape where the side of the case starts to change in height.  Then just fold over the two pieces of washi tape.  

Here's a look at the inside of the case...it doesn't have to be pretty because your phone will be covering it up!

 And here's a look at the the rounded corners...now all you have to do is cut away the excess washi.

Step 4:  Have some fun and layer some more washi tape on top!  I added some Gold Airmail, Basic Metallic, Color Polka Dot on White, and Red Argyle washi to the green graph washi for a little holiday flair!  And when the holidays are over, I can start all over again with some different washi tapes and designs!  The possibilities are endless and now I don't have to buy any more overpriced iPhone cases :)

I had another case lying around so I used some Wide Woodgrain Washi and some Glass Tape Days of the Week deco tape to dress it up!  

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial on how to revamp an old iPhone case.  You could also use these steps to dress up your iPod cases or any other case you might have that needs a little something special!  Now go get some washi tape and start covering something up :)

Until next time....xoxo - Adrienne


  1. Love all the ideas...esp using the wood grain tape!

  2. very very cute.
    love this idea.
    you rock, adrienne!


  4. Awe, everything is so beautiful here! :D

    Hope you're having a fun and colorful week!




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