Saturday, October 27, 2012

Washi & Pumpkins= a match made in heaven!!

Hey there! How are you all? For those of you on the east coast I hope you are doing well and that you all stay safe in the current weather conditions!

Melissa sent me a picture on pinterest last month with pumpkins decorated with washi tape, I thought it was the BEST idea ever! I have never been a huge fan on carving, since the pumpkins only last so long that way, ...... and lets face it, I stink at carving! So I LOVED this idea! I asked anyone who wanted to participate to send pictures of their little works of art, and I JUST love what Melissa and Adrienne did. SO.STINKIN.CUTE! I am telling you, washi and pumpkins will always go together in our home from this day forward!

Okay, for real... how cute are these? I love Adrienne's super chic pumpkin with that adorable little butterfly on top! And then...her son's? HOW CUTE is HE? I love his bold cheveron choices, and get this... HE ASKED for Adrienne to add the tag. Adorbs!

Oh Melissa, I am starting to think that you are Martha Stewart and "Melissa" is the 

name you use to fit in with us "normal" folks! BEAUTIFUL... as always! WOW!!

I run a little preschool program out of our home and I knew the kids would LOVE this idea! I got out
a ton of washi tape for the kids to play with and really let them decorate their pumpkin however
their little hearts desired. It was so much fun! Not to mention AWESOME for their fine motor skills! 
As you can see they all went about it in a very different way, the little guy on the top left went for a sculpture effect on the top there! :) They were all very proud of their pumpkins! 

Thank you for joining us! If you make one, I hope you share too!


  1. No kidding about Martha! Love that you did this with the kids.

  2. Ooh, great projects. I may have to get out the washi tape when I get home from work and decorate some of the uncarved pumpkins at our house.



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