Monday, October 1, 2012

the OHdeerME buzz

You've been waiting and waiting (and emailing and facebooking) for news about the OHdeerME kits...

I took a little break because we had the he said. she said. tape come out and things were a bit crazy :)
But ODM is back!!

We'll have two more ODM kits this year.
An autumn kit (coming out in October)
and a holiday kit (coming out in November)

In 2013 we'll be back on track with a kit each month.
Creating these kits takes a lot of behind the scenes work
but I love all the people I come in contact with while compiling these kits
and I love supporting small and handmade businesses
so ODM will continue to be a part of Freckled Fawn.

I'm happy to show you a little sneak of the autumn OHdeerME kit!
The colors include greens, blues, reds, and yellows.
Perfect for the autumn season!

Limited preorders available here.
Full reveal towards the end of October :)



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