Saturday, October 6, 2012

doelightful DIY : autumn wreath

was feeling rather festive this week
and whilst bumbling about the aisles of the local craft store
i plopped a few goodies in my cart than puttered back home.

when i saw the owl all bundled in a knitted sweater
i knew he was to be the centerpiece of my festive wreath.
if you know me, you know i have quite a love affair with owls
and deer and squirrels and all things whimsical and perfect. 

armed with my trust glue gun,
and some hip-hoppity tunes on in the background,
i made a pretty.

we hung our new wall decor on the wall between the kitchen and the front room.
i see it every time i walk down the stairs.
it gives me a little autumn-lovin' pep in my step.

have you ever made a wreath before?
this was my first.
and i have to admit, i'm itching to make another!
so fun. an excellent creative outlet.


  1. Extremely impressive for your first wreath.

  2. where did you get all of the adorable supplies? We would love it if you posted a tutorial on how to make a wreath.

  3. WOW this is AMAZING and no i have never made a wreath, it is in the plans of course

  4. Careful, wreaths can be addicting! I think it must be the circular loveliness. I've even made a square one - covered with moss and with a cute bird's nest with eggs in one corner (speaking of whimsical!) This owl is stinkin' cute and I love what you've done with him.

  5. Love love love this ! And absolutely love this ^_^



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