Thursday, May 31, 2012

vintage goodness

i have a few weaknesses

buying/selling furniture
(Deer detests this fetish of mine; something about always moving furniture?)
(what are manly muscles for anyway...)

(don't even get me started)

but my greatest weakness
is a good thrift store.

oh i love wandering the aisles
finding forsaken lovelies and plopping them in my cart.
i have a rule when i go thrifting
and a rule that everyone (ahem, Auntie Gigi and Aunty Bodi) should live by
when you go thrifting/antiquing you put EVERTHING you love in your cart
lest someone else grab it before you go back for it.
then, at the end, before checkout, you do your inventory.
do i need this?
do i want this?
have i been looking for this forever and ever?

i picked these lovelies up a few weeks ago

i have a weakness for vintage brass figurines
as if you couldn't tell from the shop.

right now the sweet painting is on the window ledge of the kitchen window 
however, it will be moving to Little Lady's room soon.

and that mug?
its a vintage FireKing and i love it oh so dearly
i also found on that has orange kite geometric shapes on it.

do you thrift?
do you collect?
do you have a weakness for vintage goodness?

you should :)

xoxo, Doe.


  1. I also have a weakness for thrifting... I LOVE to redo furniture from the thrift shop!! Drives hubby nuts I think!

  2. Did collect so many things Antiques ..vintage findings on flea markets..use them all together and it looks so great...quilting supplies....beads......scarpbook stuff..Papertrey Ink goodies...and now Washi tape!



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