Thursday, May 31, 2012

the basics are listed!

hello lovelies
all the basics that were available for the preorders 
are now inventoried and listed in the shop.
i put them all in the Brand New section.

but here they are for you enjoyment :)

basic colors

four new styles of white polka on color

love the blue on hot pink.

if you are picking up some of the basics
don't forget about this week's Doe's Deal

guess what?
some of the lace tapes came in the mail today
i couldn't stop wiggling with excitment.
i can't wait until June 8 to list them!
i'll post some sneaks here soon, yes yes?

xoxo, Doe.


  1. Oh, yes, please do give us a sneak peak! I see that my June kit shipped - I am wiggling here in anticipation of the goodies inside!!!

  2. i seriously love your product photos. you do a great job of keeping the focus on the washi but adding some character :) i can't wait to see the lace tapes. for REAL.



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