Monday, May 7, 2012

oh aqua, i adore you.

aqua is the most wonderful color
lovely above all colors in my opinion.
so versatile
so perfect.

Marcy used our aqua airmail on her layout here
 she also slipped in some twill chevron ribbon
perfect for layering.

hope everyone had a lovely National Scrapbook Day!
Deer and i wanted to do something special
but things got crazzzzzy
and before we knew it
the weekend was gone!

we'll just do something extra special for next year :)

i'm pretty darn excited about this month's shop update
we're shooting for the 26??
not sure yet, but i'll keep everyone in the loop.
we have sooo many new washi styles.
i cannot WAIT to get them listed.

and if you've been in the shop recently and noticed a lot of things out of stock
... no worries ... we're restocking next week 

have a lovely day

xoxo, Doe (and Bitty Boy who is on the floor playing with a baby piano)

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