Tuesday, April 10, 2012

happy easter!

a little late on wishing everyone a happy easter.
things were crazy around Freckled Fawn last week
and then Deer and I took the weekend off
to spend time with family and thinking of eternity.

Little Man and Bitty Boy are much too young
but it was special talking to Little Lady about the meaning of easter
she had lots of questions
and wide, bright eyes
and a happy smile
that left me feeling pleased with the experience.

we had a little egg hunt
Rescued Dog was quite excited, sniffing all around
Little Man found one egg, saw candy inside, and was content.
we helped him find the rest, hee.

please note the tupperware
a lazy mom's easter basket. :)

hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

xoxo, Doe.


  1. aha ah! love the tupperware!! the important is that these 2 look happy hunting their eggs! happy belated easter!

  2. Tupperware is a step up from a plastic grocery bag... :) I'm glad your Easter was good - I spend mine with the grandbabies!

  3. I should have thought of plastic bags! That might have been easier for Little Man to tote around.



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