Friday, August 14, 2015

Planning with OHDEERME - August Edition

Whoo hoo...welcome back to this months edition of Planning with OHDEERME!!!  Today I am showing you how I decorated my week, inside my agenda.  This months kit, Iconic, is so much fun with that diecut glitter washi tape, flat paper clips and gold puffy arrow stickers!!!!!!!
Here I have everything laid out and a clean planner spread...let's create!!!
This planner spread is super EASY!!!  It really took me a couple of minutes to add some vellum pattern strips, flat paper clips and some epoxy icon stickers!  You can see here, I even pulled out my FF stash and used an "old" sticker!!!

I think the sketch alpha stickers are my favorite from this kit!!!!  You can leave them just the way they are or color them in :)
Wednesday is "Hump Day"...ahhhhhh, mid week...almost there!!!!!!
Here are a few more close up shots of my decoration...super simple!  That kite is from my FF stash :)
There you have week all set and ready to plan!!!  I love the space in this much room to jot down a list for each day!!!
Hope all of you planner addicts are enjoying these planner posts!!!  I love taking the kit each month and not only creating crafty projects with them for the inspiration gallery, but also adding the fun embellishments inside my planner!  

I know I am always reminiscing about these posts, but I just looked back at some older posts and NEXT month will be my 12th planning blog post!!!!  I think we might have to plan a planner party for one year...what do you think???

See you next month!!!
Happy Planning,


  1. I am a complete beginner and have problems trying to understand the written instructions. It puts me off even before I can start the project! However, I find it much easier to understand the “picture chart”.

  2. This planner book is so adorable. The way you explain everything with pictures and instructions is great. Will be following all your posts to learn more. Thank you very much.



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