Friday, July 10, 2015

Tutorial Friday By SORAYA

Hello everyone, Soraya here for this new edition of Tutorial Friday! Here is a cool way to store your transparent alpha letters (in the July kit!) with a cute mini book! Let's make a home for them!

You will need: 

- 5 white cardstocks (15x15cm)
- 6 strips of vellum (30x7cm)
- your sewing machine with 2 different colors of thread
- an alpha stamp set (mine is the one of the june kit)
- a flower punch (or something similar to create the openings of the pockets)
- some of your favorite embellies
- washi tapes of course!
- some twine
- your basic stuff (glue, scissors, rule etc...)

Step 1: 
Fold the vellum strips in 2 so that you get 6 strips of (15x7cm). Use the floral punch to create the openings of the pockets-to-be.

Step 2:
Take 3 of your white cardstock squares and place the vellum strips around them, 2 strips per square. Add a piece of washi tape for them not to slide while sewing.

Step 3:
Use your sewing maching to enclose the pockets by sewing straightly from the top to the bottom of each cardstock, then from the right to the left and finally at the edge (where the vellum is "free") This is how you get 6 pockets per face. 

Step 4:
By using two different colors of thread (here white & pink) you will add more fun to the final result! So once you've sewn every square, you have one side with white thread and another one with pink thread.

Step 5:
Stamp the letters & numbers on each vellum pocket to know what's inside. Then decorate it using the 2 white card stocks left for the cover and the twine to hold them up.

And tadaaaa! Enjoy your mini book!

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