Friday, March 6, 2015

Tutorial Friday By SORAYA

Hi everybody! Soraya here to show you a funny tutorial ... about poneys and unicorns! Haha! If you want to make your little girl (or yourself^^) happy, then grab a little wooden house, some paper sheets, your favorite washi tapes and the embellishments you like the most!

Step 1: start painting the outlines of the face side of the house. Choose a bright color for a shiny effect!

Step 2: Gather all the embellishments you like the most, some washi tapes, some wooden goodies, silver bows etc... Try to figure out a nice combo, mine will be mint-pink-yellow and blue!

Step 3: Measure the size of each box and trim off your white cardstock (or simple white sheet) so that every piece of paper can fit each box. 

Step 4: Cover all the pieces of paper with various washi tapes and "recreate" the shape of the house to see if the final combo looks fine

Step 5: Use your favorite glue (mine is hot glue gun) to attach all the little backgrounds 

Step 6: Time to decorate this little house! Use any kind of embellishments you like to dress the little boxes. I put 3 clouds on the top to create a sky view (because you know, baby unicorns love to fly!)

Step 7: Let your little girl fill this wooden house with her poneys and unicorns, or let your inner little girl do it :)

Happy creating to you! 
- Soraya



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