Friday, December 5, 2014

Tutorial Friday By SANDRA

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are looking for a nice little do-it-yourself project, this Christmas tree made from fourteen wine corks and freckled fawn embellishments might just be a great inspiration for you.

To make the tree, you will need the following supplies:

- fourteen wine corks
-        Gelatos or any other paint (wax crayons, etc.)
-        hot glue gun
-        some yarn to decorate the stem
-        large wood chip number (from the Very Merry Kit)
-        thin washi tapes with golden stars (from the Very Merry Kit)
-        one glitter metal snowflake sticker (from the Very Merry Kit)
-        nine tiny rhinestone stars (from the Very Merry Kit)
-        cutter knife

1. Colour thirteen wine corks on what will be the front with Gelatos or wax crayons. Use different shades of green and some pink or red colour.

2. Colour the stem in a shade of brown

3. Glue the wine corks together with a glue gun

4. I used the follwing number scheme:
first row: three wine corks
second row: four wine corks
third row: three wine corks
fourth row: two wine corks
top row: one wine cork

5. Decorate the stem with the thin star washi and some yarn.

6. Glue nine of the tiny rhinestone stars to the wine corks. I used some extra glue so the stars will stay on the tree.

7. Use a cutter knife and make a little cut on the top wine cork to attach one of the glitter metal snowflake stickers.

8. Glue the stem to the tree. This part might be a bit tricky. The wine cork needs to be straight so the tree will actually stand up right. You might have to try where to position the stem and balance out the tree. 

9. All done. Enjoy your nice little Christmas decoration. By the way, in Germany, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December, hence two versions of the tree

Happy Creating! 
- Sandra


  1. cute idea!!! this would also be a neat idea for place settings!!



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