Friday, December 19, 2014

Ruby Rock-It + Freckled Fawn Blog Hop DAY 5

Hello Lovelies! Today is Day 5 of the wonderful Ruby Rock-It + FF Blog Hop! 

We are sharing a lovely tutorial by Megan Anderson using the Handi Scandi collection from Ruby Rock-It and some FF embellishments.

Inspired by this week's Freckled Fawn and Ruby Rock-It blog hop, I'm sharing a tutorial today for using Ruby Rock-It twine to attach Freckled Fawn embellishments to your creations---the perfect mash-up! I made three projects using this technique, including one with a wood chip + embroidery floss title. To attach embellishments with twine yourself, here's what you'll need to do:

  Grab your wood chips, resin shapes, or any other loose embellishment and get ready to attach them! All you'll need is twine, a ruler, a fine tip pen, an embroidery needle, and a bit of washi tape. Start by deciding roughly where you'd like your embellishments to go on your project.

  If you are making a title, you have the extra step of using a ruler to line up the first line. I love using a quilter's ruler so I can see through the grid.

 Using a fine tip pen, mark little dots that you'll use to make holes for your twine. Mark closely to each side of the embellishment so the twine will hold the embellishment in place when you thread across it. For these letters, doubled up the marks on each side so there would be two lines of twine on each letter. I like to alternate between marking a higher spot on the letter and a lower spot for a bit of visual interest.

  Slide your embellishments back off of your project. The marks will help you place them again! Using your embroidery needle (or a paper pricker), poke holes through each mark you made. Cut off some twine to work with (I used about a foot with plenty extra at the end) and thread it through the first hole with the embroidery needle. I attach the end of the twine to the back of the layout with washi tape rather than using a knot.

  Working one embellishment at a time, attach them with twine by holding them in place while sewing through each mark. Repeat this process for each line of your title.

Ruby Rocket and Freckled Fawn Twine Tutorial | Megan Anderson 6  Here's what the title looked like when I was all finished!

  For the letters, I liked the messy look of them sliding along the twine. But if you'd like your embellishment to stay put, you can thread each side of your embellishment with twine, as I did with this resin present in my holiday album.

  Ruby Rocket and Freckled Fawn Twine Tutorial | Megan Anderson 9
Larger embellishments can use more twined places too. I love that this method can be subtle or can be used to add extra color to a page. I hope you have fun attaching your embellishments with twine! -  - Megan


We are having such a lovely time sharing our team's creations this week! Make sure to enter our giveaway and go enjoy the projects on the Ruby Rock-It Blog too!

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  1. These projects all look amazing! Love the technique behind the "necklace story"! Super cool!

  2. Thanks for the new way to use twine!



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