Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Tutorial By FELICITAS

Happy Friday!

I’m here today to share a neon project with you! While I’m still totally obsessed with those bright bold colors, I also have a huge thing for geometrical patterns. So I combined both trends in an easy greeting card.

 For my card I used white cardstock, some neon baker’s twine, a needle and pencil.

I drew some random dots on the back of my card cover as guidelines for the holes I want to fill later with the twine.

When I finished punching through all dots, I started ‚connecting‘ the holes with my neon twine until I had a nice background pattern. The more you stitch through the holes, the tighter your final pattern will be.

With a few more products my card came to life. As you see, you don’t need many embellishments since the bright background color is the main focus of the card.

Thanks for joining me today and happy crafting!
- Felicitas

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I want to replicate this card. It is all just so right! Love it!



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