Friday, May 2, 2014

Tutorial Friday By CAROLINE

I have a lot of these cute little milk bottles in my house, I used to use them as scrappy storage for veneers, flair etc but as I now have cute little bowls these are no longer needed. Now Lucy loves to use these for drinks when she has friends round and they are so super easy to decorate to make them look cute.

First just grab some supplies, doilies, washi tape, flair badges and some glitter tape and get playing.

Just half your doilies and stick them on to the bottle using some washi tape then just stick on a flair badge to make it cute :) other things you could use would be veneers, punched out butterflies and things like that. To finish it off I always use glitter tape and make a cute little banner for the straw.

I hope you go grab out your little bottles or even some jars and pretty them up.

1 comment:

  1. Love this, Caroline! Doilies and washi are a natural combination.



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