Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday Tutorial By KRISTINA

For this little project you will need some little wooden dowels or something like these cute wooden ball sticks. I got mine from Etsy. 
You will also need some of your favorite Freckled Fawn washi tape! I have SO much that I just pulled out these few to show you some examples, but you could use even some happy solid colored washi tape, polka dots – you name it! 
 Now just pull you off a piece of the washi tape that you want to use. A few inches will do! 
 Hold the washi tape in your hand with the sticky side up and then place the wooden ball stick in the middle of the tape. Be sure to try to keep it centered. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it’ll help when you go onto the next step.

 Next fold the piece of washi tape up so that both sticky sides of the tape touch and it’s around the wooden ball stick as pictured. Trim off the end of the washi tape.
Cut a cute fishtail design into the end of your washi tape to make it look like a banner flag. 
Step back and enjoy your cute little washi tape flag.

Super simple! You can add these to gifts, place them in cupcakes or cakes, include them with happy mail, use them to decorate your craft room or just simply place them in your pencil jar and stare at their cuteness. Ha!

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoyed this simple cute tutorial!

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