Monday, March 17, 2014

Tutorial Friday by KRISTINA

Hi there! 

This is a super simple tutorial on how to create some cute washi tape shapes for your projects - whether that be pocket page cards, traditional scrapbooking layouts or handmade cards. 

Here are the few things you'll need:

  • a die cutting machine
  • some white cardstock (scraps are totally good and OK to use)
  • some super cute washi tape (Freckled Fawn has A LOT of that!)
  • some pocket page cards (optional - you can always make your own)
  • a couple of dies in various shapes/sizes
The first thing you want to do is pick out the washi tape that you want to use.

I had these three super cute washi tapes on my desk and used two of them. 

Then tear off the washi tape in strips and lay it on the cardstock one strip after another. 

Just like above. :)

Then you want to take your die shape that you are using and be sure that the tape you have laid out on the cardstock is big enough to cover the entire die. 

Once you've determined that it fits - place your scrap onto your die cutting machine - as per the instructions of the machine. 

And zip it through the machine to make the die cut.

When you're done - you'll have a super cute washi tape shape that you can use on a scrapbook layout, pocket page card or another creative project you're working on! 

Here's another super cute washi tape shape that I made. 

See how simple and fun?! I just put the washi tape shape star onto a 3x4 piece of cardstock that I made with a foam square for a bit of dimension and then added some Freckled Fawn star stickers that matched and some writing and there you have it! A super cute card that you can stick on a layout or next to a photograph of YOUR star in your pocket page album! 

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! Have a great weekend!


  1. Simple yet beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Super cute idea! This would work great for the smaller dies too!



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