Friday, February 28, 2014

Tutorial Friday By CAROLINE

For my tutorial this month I decided I wanted to share how I make banners, I always get put off thinking they are going to take too much time, when in reality this took me probably 2 hours from start to finish. My daughter wanted one for her new space so I figured it was perfect timing to work on this.

I decided I wanted some pictures on the banner, and wanted to choose some that shouted Lucy, she is all about her friends, the beach, swimming, and just posing for the camera, these are recent pictures taken of her this month.

Next I grabbed some papers and embellishments I thought would work well for the banner, Lucy actually chose out the papers herself.

Next I got to work using my Cameo machine and cut out my banner shapes, these are really easy to cut free handed, but I am really trying to use my machine more. I decided to go with 2 different banner shapes.

I decorated all of the pieces I wanted to have pictures on, this was so much fun to do, Lucy was adamant the sunglasses had to be on there so I squeezed them in with the pool picture.

Next I decided to decorate the bits that would hold her name, These are actually letters from a banner I made for Lucy a few years ago, The banner has been lying in the garage for about 2 years and Lucy happened across it last week, we decided to use the letters again. You will notice later that the butterfly does not make the final banner as it just did not work.

Next I got some seam binding and put the whole thing through the sewing machine, this took about 2 minutes and was super easy to do, this is a great way to hold them together.

Finished banner up in Lucy's little study, She is going to love this when she sees it complete and I just love how it turned out.

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