Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Washi Workshop with Anna-Maria

Hello our dear readers, it's time for washi workshop today!!! I would like to show you step-by-step how to make a simple luggage tag - upcycling class.

I used 'Paris' set of washi, alphabet stickers by Lily Bee, Ranger STUDIO gloss medium, Studio Calico wood veneer airplane and an old label.

Ok, let's start with this stuff. I decided to use a tough label with primitive closure as a base of my luggage tag. Because I have to cover all the subtitles I cut a stripe from white ILS 'POPs OF' paper and glued it on the label base.

The next step is to stick a different kind of washi on the front and the back of the tag. Just like this:

Now we have write something... a message for a possible finder... (hope there will not be necessary, ever...)

I used ABC stickers to write 'I am here !' and some rub-on alphabet for 'over here'.
Inside of the tag I wrote a short, funny message :) After this workshop I will add my telephone number there).
The last part of working with a cover is to protect it (we all know how the washi tapes are delicate, don't we?). So I overlaid the front and the back of the luggage tag with a layer of glossy medium.

Than - when the medium dried - I made little holes with rivets and put there a metal chain (I don't know is the construction of this phrase is clear... sorry) :)

That's how the luggage tag looks when it's done :)

It's perfect for my upcoming journey to Paris. But of course you can use all of different kinds of washi tapes! It's up to you. You can choose your own colour palette for your personal luggage tag. If you make any please share it with us in the comment below this post! We would like to see your ideas inspired by this workshop :)
Thank you.


  1. So personalized. So attractive. So humorous - love that part best. Paris, eh? Have a wonderful time.

  2. excellent idea. Aniu, rządzisz:)

  3. I noticed that this was an old post, but I loved the idea and made some myself, so I thought I would share the outcome. I made these as a gift to my boyfriend who loves to travel. I found washi tapes in several types of maps, globes, etc. and used actual gift tags as the base because they already had the rivets and I didn't have the tools myself. to do it. I used ropes instead of metal chains. I found that using decoupage worked okay to seal the tapes, but I had to use heavy books to flatten the tags as they curled up a bit when drying. I used letter stamps on the inside for name and information (blurred for privacy). Thanks for the tutorial and great idea. Here are the tags: http://imgur.com/a/PCeDP



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