Thursday, October 4, 2012

i love this season.

it is my favorite time of year...
when the mountains haze with warm colors
and you can walk around crunching leaves under you toes
and the apples on the tree taste oh so delicious.
i can't wait to start wearing all my sweaters and such!

summer clung to us for a little longer but yesterday
all of the sudden the leaves just started falling
and Bitty Boy had quite the time exploring the new sensation of crunchy leaves.
and he may or may not have tried to much of a few
i'm an awesome mom like that :)


my goal this season is to find a really good gluten free pumpkin bread recipe.
if anyone has any suggestions, do shoot them my way.

i also want to actually decorate for the season.
last year we were moving into our Feathered Nest and everything just stayed in the boxes
but maybe this year, i'll make an effort?

hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.
it's been busy here at FF headquarters, trying to catch up on shipping orders and email answering
but almost everything is back to normal
which makes for a happy momma and thus a happy household.

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