Friday, October 26, 2012

Doelightful DIY : Washi Triangles

I was so inspired by Natt's washi workshop
that I decided to use her idea for folding the washi into triangles
and incorporate it into a layout.

All the wide washi tapes work grrrrreat for this type of project
which is what I used to make the blue triangles.
The large triangles are made from the tape we printed for the October Studio Calico kit.
It's even wider than the wide tapes we carry in the shop and I love it!

be so proud of me. this is one of my first time trying color mists for ink blots.
its fun!! i'm glad i jumped on the band wagon.

this layout would be complete with some stitching over the washi triangles
but, alas, my sewing machine has started a technological revolution
she and the printer are both on strike, demanding dental plans.
le sigh.


  1. Awesome! I have also jumped on the mists bandwagon and love using it with my washi tape!!!

  2. LOVE this layout girl, it is awesome and great use of the tapes :)



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