Saturday, July 21, 2012

a calm layout

Naomi sent over another layout using items from the July kit (a few left!)
she was inspired by the kit's calm colors

i saw this layout after i had just seen my father
my heart was weary with worry
i read Naomi's email and opened up the image
and all I saw and all I felt was
"He loves you"
and i felt calm
looking at those sweet children
thinking about how life is precious, children are precious, we are ALL precious.

and that's the beauty of scrapbooking
we cherish our photos, our tiny snapshots of eternity
and we decorate the photos with our favorite scraps and bits and bobs
scrapbook helps us to preserve the happy moments, the silly moments
and sometimes even the sad moments.

don't forget my lovelies... don't forget WHY you scrap...
sometimes its easy to get caught up in all the glimmer of this industry
and sometimes its easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others out there
but we are all women (well most of us, hehe)
and we are all doing it for the same reason
to hold onto those chubby baby legs and smiling first school days
to hold onto those wedding day butterflies and graduation hopes
to hold onto the good times.

remember that, the next time you look at a layout and have a sinking in your heart
and a tug at your mind and the temptation to wonder why you can't do "this" or do "that"
remember WHY you scrap
and then do it.

xoxo, Doe.



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