Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Washi Wednesday : Washi Challenge

hello! and welcome to another Washi Wednesday.

i have a little Washi Challenge for you :)
and i do hope you play along!
because if you do, you get a $5.00 gift card!

what is easier than grabbing some of your washi tape
(don't have some, get some here!)
and decorating a wooden letter?

its the funnest thing ever!

i put it on the ledge in Little Man's room
it really helped brighten everything up.
the little wooden car was purchased at a local boutique
and the plaque of the little boy playing the violin is vintage- i love it so.

i have to admit i have a hard time decorating
i like things to mean something
so i either make everything
or i wait until something just catches my eye
so a lot of our walls are still bare
but hey, we've only lived here 6 months!

tapes i used

if you make a washi letter, leave a comment here with the link!
we want to see!
you'll get a $5.00 GC to the shop for participating, weeee!

this washi challenge closes Friday night, June 22 

xoxo, Doe.


  1. Thanks for the idea Doe! I love it and am going to try it on my alphabet!

  2. this was pretty fun and easy! i think it'd be great for party decor. :)

    1. oh i love it! You've got a GC coming your way Saturday morning :) Thanks for participating!

  3. I had to join in also! I hope Yall like mine!

  4. How could I possibly resist this challenge?!

    Thanks for the inspiration!



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