Monday, June 11, 2012

ohDEERme sneaky peaky

i photographed the June ohDEERme today
it was soooo neat seeing all of the goodness together at last.
i've been using a lot of the goodies in my own crafting lately
and i just can't wait to share these lovely craft sources with you!

join us at 9:00 AM US mountain standard time JUNE 13
when i reveal the June kit and release the remaining kits for sale.

please be aware that there will never be large quantities of these kits
each kit includes hand crafted goods which cannot be quickly mass-produced.
i have increased the number of kits for each month
(i.e., there are more kits for August than there are for June)
as i am able to give my contributors more lead time to craft their goodies.

i just want to say that i am so in love with this project
one of my contributors emailed me saying how grateful she was that we contacted her
the money she earned through selling her products for some of the kits has helped her immensely.
i urge you to support these women
support their desire and love to create.

the ohDEERme Indie Endeavor is a forum for these crafters to be recognized and celebrated.
links to their stores will be provided in the ohDEERme kit description
and will stay listed in the store for future reference.
so if you don't get a kit this month
(or if you do and want more of their goodies!)
visit their stores and tell them Freckled Fawn sent you their way :)

hope everyone is having a lovely monday,
i'm headed out back to play with the littles.

xoxo, Doe.


  1. I am skipping with excitement! :D

  2. this is looking awesome, just my colours :)

  3. THanks again for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful adventure!! :)

  4. fingers crossed i can get my hands on one these awesome kits!



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