Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shop Update

Hello lovelies :)

i wont have much time to spend on the computer tomorrow
so i'm posting this tonight.

i've added 27 new styles of washi tape to the shop.
shop updates take a loooot of work
ordering, inventorying, organizing, photographing, editing, listing each item
etc etc etc.
but by the end
i'm always very pleased with how everything turns out.

i hope you all enjoy shopping the new styles
there's some in this batch that have become absolute favorites of mine.

here's the link to the Brand New section where you can find all the new tapes.

i'll be making the section public on the website
and emailing about the shop update
late night May 25/early morning May 26.

so that gives you a day to snatch up your favorites
before someone else plops them into their shopping cart.

enjoy and good night!

xoxo, Doe.


  1. Just ordered a few, that makes it almost 30 rolls of washi i have bought in the past few weeks LOL i may have an addiction

    1. My name is Doe... and I have a washi addiction.



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