Friday, May 18, 2012

fawning over : mid century furniture

if you know me
you know i looooove mid century furniture.
they make me weak in the knees
and give me wiggles in the heart.

sometimes i'll come across a piece
and literally lose my breath.

i saw these posted for sale  locally and had to share.
just had to.
because i'm obsessed.
and i think everyone should tell Deer that i neeeed these pieces

i do. i need them.
a girl can never have too many hutches.

oh the wood color and the texture. 
they simply do not make furniture like they used to.

please tell Deer that I also need this mid century chest

alright i've drooled enough over furniture
hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
we are off to spend Fri and Sat with family.
my babies will get to see their great grandparents!

xoxo, Doe.


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