Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doelightful DIY : felt cloud decor

i wanted to start a new series on the blog
called Doelightful DIY.
let's shoot for one a week 
(or once every two weeks, realistically, haha)
but if you have a DIY you want posted, email it to me!

i once saw a cloud/raindrop mobile on etsy.
i loved it dearly and meant to make one for Little Man.
He's a tad too big for a mobile now
so i twisted it a bit and made him a sweet wall of clouds instead.

its a pretty easy project
all you need to know is how to use scissors
and how to hand sew two pieces of something together.
but be smarter than me and use a sharper needle than what i used.

here's what you will need :

 you will also need stuffing, which i did not photograph
my stuffing was being rather stubborn
and could not be found at picture time.
[ later found it under Bitty Boy's crib
... Little Lady's doing ... ]

step 1
cut out a felt cloud to use as template
pin said cloud to other pieces of felt
and cut out more clouds
and more clouds
and more.
you will need two (or "twoh" as Aunt GiGi says) clouds
for every one cloud you put on your wall.

save your scraps for the raindrops!

step 2
use your [sharp] needle and yarn
and stitch your clouds together
but before you close them, make sure to stuff them!

step 3
cut out raindrops with your scraps.

step 4
hang up and enjoy
you can even point at them
and saw "whoooooooeeee"
like Little Man does.

he and Rescued Dog read a book
while i took the photos.

i love it.
Little Man loves it.

xoxo, Doe.


  1. I love it to. i just discovered your site a few days ago through Cards TV. Your site feels so calm to me. I ordered your kit. Never ordered one before. I've shopped around for one for a long time. Never felt right until I saw your preview. Can't wait for June!!!

  2. That's fantastic! I love mobiles of all sorts, even in wall-art form.



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