Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ohDEERme - a Freckled Fawn indie endeavor

the goal of our delightful project is to 
promote small business
inspire creativity
and supply hundreds with happy mailboxes full of loveliness.

How does it work?
each month Freckled Fawn will put together ohDEERme Kits
packed with indie craft supplies from small businesses
as well as some lovely vintage delights and some commercial fillers.

Who is involved?
companies can submit their products for consideration
you can suggest companies for us to contact
and Freckled Fawn will be inviting some of their own favorite indie stores to contribute.

What will be included in the kits?
buttons, papers, tags, embellishments, flowers, the list goes on
everything will be lovely and coordinated oh-so beautifully.

How much will each kit cost?
the price will change month to month, depending on the contents of the kits
but prices will stay between 20 and 30 USD, including shipping (domestic and international).

How can I become involved?
do you want to help promote ohDEERme? email us for a press kit.
do you want to submit your products to the ohDEERme kits?
or suggest a company to be involved? email us with subject: submission
ohdeermekits at gmail dot com

When will the first kit be released in the shop?
we are planning for May or April 2012
but we'll keep you updated here for sure :)

Freckled Fawn is thrilled, thrilled to start this project
we hope to receive lots of support and excitement as we reach out to small business
and edify them through partnerships that will benefit many mailboxes and craft desks :)

xoxo, Doe.

1 comment:

  1. this sounds AMAZING. emailing now, Id LOVE to be involved, LOVE your products, and cannot wait to see more!!!



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