Monday, April 16, 2012

hours and hours of work 
but Deer and I are pleased with all the new items.
every washi tape is packaged by Deer
so let's hear some love for him.
packaging thousands of washi tapes is by no means a party
unless you're watching Modern Family ... heee!


  1. love how you display your amazing product..

  2. delicious.
    are you telling me that Deer packed 800ish rolls of washi tape for the paperie?
    he's a keeper.

    i love that you call your children "the littles". everything about washi tape is cute, and everything about you and your store are equally cute. a match made in cute-town.

  3. No our wholesale orders aren't packaged individually. But he does all the retails ones! He's definitely a keeper, heee.



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