Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doelightful DIY washi style

i have the best tutorial for you lovelies
brought to you by the ever so delightful Brandy

when I discovered the washi bows she made 
i kinda freaked out a little
and demanded she make a tutorial hehe

she graciously accepted!

Hello Friends! It is Bran and I have a lovely tutorial for you today on how to make ribbons from your washi. A dear friend needed something quick and sweet for some tiny gifts she was to give away and these ribbons created the perfect effect. Why keep this to myself when I think you all would love to know ;). 

You will need:
a handful of washi, have fun, mix and match ;).
Wax paper
A grid mat

Step 1: 
You will need to tear or cut a piece of wax paper about 6 inches or more 
depending on the length of your washi ribbon.

Step 2: 
Cut or tear 3 lengths of ribbon to these measurements: longest piece 10.5in, medium piece 5 in, 
and the final piece you can choose to use contrast tape measure about 2in of this.

Step 3: 
Leaving a ½ in portion of the longest piece of tape on the mat, 
pull up the rest and attach the tape to it.

Your tape should look like this

Step 4: 
Now attach the portion of exposed tape to create a loop.

Step 5: 
Place the loop on the medium sized tape and center the loop pressing in the center of the loop.

Step 6 A: 
Place your smallest piece over the center of the loop so that it is vertical.

Step 6 B:
 Lift up the center of the medium piece of tape while holding the loop in place and wrap the ends of the smallest piece around the whole piece.

Step 7 A: 
If you find that your bow loops have flattened in this process or after storing them, 
just take a pen or pencil and round out your loops ;)

Step 7 B: 
Should look like this

• You could choose to stop here and plop your ribbon on the wax paper 
or you could finesse it a little bit so that it is ready to use.

Step 8 A: 
Take up each end of the ribbon base and fold each under 1/2in

Step 8 B:
 It should look finished like this

Step 9: 
Cut a triangle from the ends to give it that pretty finished affect.

Step 10: 
Admire your fantastic bow and place it on your sheet of wax paper, and make more, 
cause you know you will want too. 

Your ribbons will be ready for whatever you have coming your way. 
I like to create a variety ahead of time and I use them for everything! I hope you enjoy!

isn't that AMAZING!? I have to make 800 of my own.
If you use her tutorial, show us! We want to see what you create!

xoxo, Doe.


  1. super cute! time to try some when i get the washi i ordered :D

  2. These are adorable ... washi tape bows coming soon to my house!! Pinned :)

  3. this is a fabulous tutorial, and now I need that cute day's of the week tape too!

  4. love this idea. I tried it then dipped the bows in glitter which stuck to any exposed glue on the tape

  5. Cute, just about to try it!



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